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Where has this been all my life

Hiii I just drank Waterboy for the first time after a 3 hour hike and feel like I can run a triathlon, run for president & solve world hunger.

Illana F.

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Waterboy doesn’t have any sugar, caffeine, or fillers and still outperforms everyone else when it comes to…everything else.

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Workout Hydration



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Feel like a hero, with zero sugar or artificial ingredients 🫶

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We've got you recovered

Same price, double the electrolytes.
Plus a round of vitamins and amino acids for recovery and energy, on us.

1 stick of

Waterboy ($1.5)


2-3 sticks

of Liquid IV ($3.5)





The Deets

Why we made this

Sugary sports drinks have too many things you don’t need. We threw away those ingredients and created the ultimate alternative for adults.

When do I take it?

Our clean ingredients will always do the work - so it's up to you! Before, during, or after activity will still get you the results you need.

Key Active Ingredients

💧 Hydration: 1,900mg of electrolytes
💪Recovery & Soreness: l-glutamine
⚡️ Vitamins for energy and immunity

Waterboys and girls are quenched and drenched.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
1,165 Reviews
4.8/5.0 | 1165+ Reviews

Great for daily hydration

I drink this everyday. I like to drink a lot of water during the day but plain water tastes so boring so I always add something. These little packets are great.. tastes great, dissolves great.

Excellent source for hydration

I have been using a different product for a few years. was staring to feel sluggish, bloated and more tired. I switched to WaterBoy and I feel so much better! The flavor is good without being to sweet or overwhelming.

Great for post workout hydration

This product has been amazingly helpful while I have been training for a half marathon! I highly recommend it! Refreshing taste and great for energy.

No more cramping, love it!

I use the recovery formula in between my two workouts each day (morning & night). Wow such a difference! No more cramping and love that there are no unnecessary sugars!


You’re not gonna find 200,000+ people this happy or hydrated anywhere else on the internet. 

Get the moist out of your activity & recovery.