Replenish exactly what you lost

(dignity excluded)

Let me guess... you woke up dehydrated, with hazy memory from last night, and enough anxiety to last you for 3 weeks?

Chill, because we have you covered. *wink*

We developed an all-natural formula with the simple goal of get you from 0 to 100 real quick.


We are packing

Slim stick, thiccc in high quality ingredients.

- Dehydrated? We pack the most electrolytes. Don't take our word for it, checkout the ingredient label.

- Hangover anxiety? L-theanine to help chill you out.
- Stomach nausea? We have some ginger for that.
- Fatigue? Vitamins to help you bounce back.

This isn't a miracle cure, but you will feel better, faster.


Don't let 4 hours of fun ruin your next 24

If you go out and get smashed, you will still feel slugish the next day. However, we can help you feel better, faster. All for only a couple of dollars.

Recovery Formula


High quality ingredients (and lots of them) are expensive. Products made in the US that you are ingesting are expensive. 

At first glance our product looks pricy vs. "other sticks", but if you compare our nutritional panel, you will realize our 1 stick = ~4 of theirs in electrolytes alone. Let's not get us started on vitamins, stomach nausea and hangxiety which they do not address. 

Small, but mighty

Most formulas are made for kids or basic general hydration. Not for people that drink, by people that drink and are health conscious (the irony amirite).

To get the same amount of electrolytes, you have to drink nearly a gallon of a "sports" drink. Yikes. Don't even get us started on the calories, sugar, vitamins, ingredient quality. Also, we have way more than just electrolytes.