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When will my order ship?

Orders placed before 6 AM ET will be processed within the same business day, otherwise the next business day. We process orders Monday to Friday, excluding federal holidays.

When will my order arrive?

It varies based on your location, but on average ~5 business days!

How much water do I mix it with?

Dealer’s choice!

For a more bold, salty flavor, mix:
Weekend Recovery -> 16 oz. of water
Athletic Recovery -> 12 oz. of water

For a lighter, breezier taste, mix:
Weekend Recovery -> 32 oz. of water
Athletic Recovery -> 20 oz. of water

When do I take it?

Weekend Recovery:
The product is meant to help you recover and replenish the next day, not a cure... BUT customers taking it the night prior have also reported waking up feeling a lot better!

Athletic Recovery:

To get the moist out of any activity you do - take it before, during or directly after.